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Burn Out Session

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Well, summer is gone guys and also the jetlake is heading towards its break during the winter. (Although we do have 23° C degrees air and 17° C water temperature …) Thus today there was the last chance to ride one’s board. Wow, that was fun, I tell yah.

Btw: At the beginning of October (6th or 8th) MTV is showing a Wakeboard-Edition of its magazine “Hot Sports” (9.00 pm). And guess what, this edtition was shot at the Jetlake! So tune in.

What da hack …

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

… did I do in my holiday? After three weeks of hanging around doing nothing much I try to summarize what there has happened during this time:

  • I built some furniture (not from IKEA, I did it all myself) for my HiFi stuff and the TV set.
  • I spend 7 days at the jetlake (eh, looks like the water was quite bad, doesn’t it) turning my 200th round this season.
  • Skrivi’s 27th birthday party, Kathi’s “Pfiaty Goad”-Party (farewell party, as she is going to LA) and the Milchbar-Party were great fun.
  • My photo camera (Casio Exilim S600) broke hence there are no pictures to upload at the moment.
  • I thought (again) of buying a new TV but the ones featuring HD 1080i are still far to expensive; anyway I got myself a nice Yamaha DVD Player. Propably I should head for the IFA.
  • Some work for my thesis was done.

That’s it – this was my holiday. Of course there are several things I don’t remember at the moment. Some people might ask: “So why didn’t you fly away and spend or holiday abroad?” Well I’m planning to head for the United Arabic Emirates in Winter. When everybody is freezing in Europe I wonna spend some nice time at the Red Sea ;-)

Wakeboarding roxx

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

As the weather is hot and sunny all week long I’m spending nearly every evening at the jetlake (Feldkirchner Badesee)Â with friends to hang out and improve my wakeboarding skills. I already finished my 80th round this season. Actually this is not much in comparison to Mike (about 2000 rounds this year) or Alex (670 rounds so far). I already know how to do jump-starts and 180s on the water or during a jump. Eh, wakeboarding is great fun! My cousin Gerhard got a new board recently (a Liquid Force) which I’m very keen on. Currently I’m planning to buy my own board and equipment at the beginn of the next season as it is quite some investment.

The Simpsons – The movie.

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Actually I haven’t been at the movies for ages. But yesterday right after a wakeboard session we decided to head for the movies to watch “The Simpons“. I fancy these yellow people and their funny characters.

The movie itself was “okay” – not more not less. In my view the whole story could be told in 30 min and therefore from time to time I was bored. There were to many different strangs in this movie unlike in the series. I also think that the 3D animation rendered in comic-style didn’t fit the Simpons-Style. But in the end the movie is a must for each one adoring the tv series.

Jetlake Opening 2007

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

What’s going on? It is April although lots of people could be found at the Jetlake? Yes, raising temperatures and great weather allowed us to have the Jetlake opening already in April this year. The water is still quite cold (around 15°C) but with a neoprene suite this is not an issue. As I don’t have (yet) my own equipment I just chilled around at the lake watching the other boarders riding. But anyway – it was a great opening for me as well. I’m looking forward to a sunny and accident-free season. Â