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MICINN & Madrid

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I’m currently spending 4 days in Madrid, attending the campus Party at Caja Magica. After winning already several prizes with our (Andreas Jakl & Mine) mobile e-Health Application “MobileDoc”, we have been invited to demonstrate the system at the Innovation Stage. Again, the Jury found our concept and our implementation very promising, thus we have been awarded with the innovation prize of the MICINN (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) of Spain. During the award ceremony I also got to know Klaus Pendl, who is responsible for the EU Project Funding, as well as Nelly Kores, EU’s Vice President for ICT.


Final Phd Exam

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Today I passed my final phd exam with distinction Both supervisors also graded my thesis with “A” (Sehr Gut). I got very good feedback on the work I did. Actually, I’m very happy today. My professors also reminded me of the fact, that with my grades it might be possible to apply for a promotion “sub auspiciis” which is the highest academic recognition you can get in Austria – thus only about ten Phds per year receive this honour, which is given by the president of our country. Wow … let’s see if this is about to work out.

What are you painting?

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine (Rainer), about pictures and painting. When I lined out, that I got myself an Acryl-Painting “Starter-Kit”, he asked “So what are you painting?” – My ready witted answer was “Only expensive pictures” ;-) So, just drop me a line, if you interested in one the pictures below *g* But be aware – they are expensive …

Urbanization in China

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Just a link, as I’m to lazy to write ;-) and,1518,568274,00.html- I’ll comment no that soon.

Global Shading

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Today I came cross a very interesting article dedicated to the clima change. At Spiegel-Online you can find this interesting article dealing with Global Shadding. So, what is global shading? A lot of studies dealing with the clima change in the world, base on the fact that carbon dioxide is destroying the invisible ozone layer of the atomosphere. This results in more ultraviolet radiation hitting the earth. Thus our world warms up. A phenomon also known as the greenhouse effect.

The theory (or fact?) of global shading says that with the pollution (CO2) also a lot of aerosols are transfered into the atmosphere and result in refelcting these dangerous ultraviolet rays. Due to now technologies that filter the aerosols (e.g particulate matter) out of the emissions, there are less aerosols in the atmosphere and hence less uv rays are reflected. The effect: raising temperatures. To sum up: “by accident” we decelerated the processes of gobal warming by emitting a hugh amount of dust with our emissions. By finishing now this thought: The greenhouse effect might already be worth than expected, but is slowed down by the dust in our emssions.

The home of Porsche

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

The last few days I spent in Baden-Würthenberg, Tübingen. Tübingen itself is a quite small town (85K people) with lots of Universities. There I joined the 8. Krypto-Tag and gave a talk about a part of my PhD thesis with the focus on NFC ecosystems also presented at the Sicherheit 2008.

On my way home I stopped in Stuttgart, the home town of two of the most famous brands in the automotive industry: Porsche and Daimler (former Daimler-Chrysler). Whereas Daimler has already it’s own Mercedes-Benz Museum, the Porsche Family will finishes theirs this year. There was actually a quite interesting article on the Porsche Museum in the Stuttgarter Zeitung on Friday, 11th.

However, at the moment it looks like every car manufacturer needs such a prestigious building in order to show how much money they make out of cars. Arriving in Stuttgart Central Station via train, you an already see the Mercedes-Benz Museum from the train overtopping all the other buildings. The architecture of the Mercedes Benz World is – from my point of view – gorgeous. The construction has the shape of a double-helix. Similar to the BMW Welt in Munich, it is not straight, but looks organic. The upcoming Porsche museum is designed oppositional: straight lines, clear shapes and wide planar faces. Thus it actually fits the Porsche design.

Nevertheless I enjoy the Coop/Himmelb(l)au style of buildings (they are actually based Vienna). Besides the BMW Welt they also won the pitch for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. One of the most popular Projects in Austria implemented by CHB is the Gasometer B (Vienna). It looks like the building leans against another on. It also could be some kind of “shield” protecting the old, renovated Gasometers. When looking at the models and designs of CHB, you might wonder: “Is this building upside down?”.

Other organic design’s like Norman Fosters building for the Suisse-Re (world largest reassurance company; “Gherkin”) give the buildings a new right to exist in the world of sky scrapers. It is not their height that is important, it is the ideas that combine form and function in an new way like never before.

Mercdes Benz Museum, StuttgartBMW Welt, MünchenGasometer B, WienSuiss-Re, LondonPorsche Museum, StuttgartPorsche Museum, Stuttgart

Both, Forster and CBH also handed in proposal for the new WTC. But finally Daniel Libeskind won the pitch with his idea of the freedom tower for the skyline of New York. A comprehensive article on New York’s Building activity could be found here (in German).

PS: if you are near Suttgart you have to go to Metzingen: it offers a huge variety of outlets stores like Boss, D&B, CK … – shop until you drop; the prices are worth going there, if you need a suite.