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A1 Telekom PPP Configuration Files

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

If you are using a USB Modem on your Linux/OSX, you might want to use PPP for connecting to the host. For doing that, you require two files. On is the Conneciton (PPP)-File. It containts configuration information for the modem and connection. I’m using the following PPP File (Filename is ‘ppp’)

# usbserial device, some options:
idle 7200
# dns, routing
# avoid compression:
# usually doesnt matter for GPRS/UMTS connections:
user ""
password "ppp"
# connect script
connect "/usr/sbin/chat -V -f /etc/ppp/peers/A1-chat"

At the End of the connection file, the Chat File is called. The Chat Files contains various AT-Commands for making the USB Modem ready to connect to the network. This is the Chat File I’m using. (the SIM has a disabled PIN). Filename is ‘A1-Chat’.

#Display Modem Information
""   "ATI"
#Software Rest
""   "ATZ"
#Factory Default
""   "AT&F"
#enable ECHO
OK    "ATE1"
#A1 Specific Stuff
OK    'AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""'
OK   "ATDT*99***1#"

The two files are located in /etc/ppp/peers/. In order to establish the connection use

pppd call ppp


pppd call ppp nodetach

(for debug output). To close the connection use poff ppp.

If found the following sites helpful:

Quick Review of the Nexus S with NFC.

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Today I was in Munich also meeting a friend of mine working at Google. Google, whose office in Munich is right above Dallmayr in Munich City Center, recently released its new phone, the Nexus S with the newest Version of its operating System, Android 2.3 (“Gingerbread”). Whereas the last Nexus (“One”) was manufactured by HTC, the new Nexus (“S”) is produced by Samsung. Thus the phone uses similar materials and form factors as the Galaxy S does.

I actually do like the feel of the surface of the Nexus One more (!) than the one of the Nexus S, as the new one feels “too plastic” and cheap. The display is quite big (it’s a 4” one) and very bright and – that’s new — curved. “So why curved”, you may ask. Well, this avoids reflections (and it really does). The curved display does not have any influence on the interaction with the capacitive display we are already used to from other devices.

The interaction speed of the phone is great. It’s actually the fastest Android I’ve ever seen so far. You never have the feeling, that the CPU is overloaded or that you have to wait. I’d call it “iPhone equivalent”. The phone features NFC (Near Field Communication) and the tags are read very fast (I really do like that in comparison to the NFC Phones seen so far). The Tags read are stored in an app called “Tags”, so that the information you read from the RFID Transponders is still available in the phone. (

I actually was not yet able to experiment with different NDEF RTDs and Features of the Data-Format, but I suppose that Google did make up its mind and implement it in a solid way. The API for using the NFC Chip (“NFCAdapter”) for R/W operation is quite simple (

The phone does not yet have tag emulation. The NFC Chip from NXP is closely located to the UICC Slot (<> see Step 7, 2nd Detail) and the phone does not contain any other smartcard chip (as far as I have seen/was told). So I suppose that in the near future this feature (“SWP”) will be enabled thru a software update. (Which could also be MNO specific). I really fancy the phone and I’m looking forward to the tag emulation stuff as well.


Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

How much water do you use during your shower? In order to answer this question, one of ETH start-ups, “Amphiro” has developed a system that allows you the measure your water consumption in very detail. I like the idea as well as the implementation of the product. Good Job Guys!


Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

After meeting Nelly Kores at the Campus Party in Madrid I was named to join the young advisory board for ICT of the vice president of the European Union. The whole conference was very interesting and also the meeting with Nelly Kores was good. Honestly I was pretty astonished, that such an important person as her, took the time during the conference to meet up with our small board (5 persons) to discuss new ideas and concepts for R&D in ICT.


Monday, September 20th, 2010

This week I spent two days in Basel, visiting the Magnolia Conference. Magnolia is an open Source Content Management, which is great. I love the system. It uses open source components such as JSR, JackRabbit, Lucence and provides a super usable interface on top for authors as well as developers. The API (Java) in order to build the website on top, is very powerful and easy to learn.

I enjoyed the conference where I got to know the people behind the scene and the ones I already knew from the forum. Magnolia’s office in Basel is great. It features a great terrace with an awesome view over the Rheine as well as a beer elevator.

E-Cars in Vienna

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

The drivers for the “Zero-Race” stopped over in Vienna this weekend. The “Zero-Race” is a race of cars, which run 100 % on solar power or 100 % on renewable energy. The car were shown and demonstrated in front of the Austrian Parliament. It was quite interesting to see the different concept of the cars and get first hand information and experience from the people driving such cars around the globe.

Leaking Nokia N8

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Today I had the chance to play around with Nokia’s new N8 (although it is not released ;-) The phone feels very solid and is of quite heavy weight. It comes with a sophisticated 12 mp camera and Nokia’s new operating system Symbian3. The battery is built into the device, which can be opened using a Philips screw driver. The capacitive display allows multi touch interaction as we are used to from iPhone and Android.

BCN – MWC, Nexus ONE and Invitation for Madrid

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Februar is MWC time. This year I attended the Congress for the 3rd time. The weather wasn’t too good, but lots of new devices have been announced. Here is a list of the top-5 buzz words from MWC 2010:

  • Mobile Social Networks (especially Facebook)
  • App Store
  • Cloud Services
  • WAC – Wholesale Application Community
  • Trustzone

The best thing of this year’s MWC was Google’s presentation of the Nexus ONE. They did not only a presentation, but also gave away phone for all people attending the presentation. Guess who was attending ;-) The phone is pretty cool and comes with Android 2.1. The display is amazing and the speed of the phone is incredible. This device really comes very close to the iPhone. Let’s see what’s coming next.
Right after coming home, I found an invitation for the Campus-Party in Madrid in my Inbox. They asked me and my friend Andreas Jakl from Nokia to present our mobile health app “MobileDoc” in the innovation zone. Looks like I’m heading for Madrid in April. I really should learn to speak Spanish.

Finally handed in my Phd Thesis

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Done. 266 Pages. 5 Copies. Today is what I would call a milestone of my “Project Phd”. I handed in my Phd thesis at the Johannes Kepler University. After lots of feedback I got from my supervisors as well as some review rounds with my lecturer this work is finished.

For all of you, who want to have nice book, I had my thesis bound at Machatschke ( a very nice bookbinder in the 4th districted of Vienna. I’m happy to recommend her.

Now it’s time to start learning and preparing myself for my final exams – the viva voce (Rigorosum). Cross your fingers that this works out as well.

Back from BCN/MWC

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Last week I spent some days in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, as we (Dominik & I) were nominated for the SIMagine Award again. Even more successfully than last year, we won the Samsung bronze award and quite some money. Additionally I got a prize for one of my publications “NFC Devices: Security & Privacy” which was named by the Symbian Foundation as one of three very popular essays for the mobile industry. On Top, I was named as one of “Europe’s Young Talents” – a High Potential Network of the European Union. Thus I’m heading for a Congress in Brussel in April.

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