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London, Prague, Nice & Munich

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

The whole September in one sentence: I was busy: Two times in London, a nice week at the Cote d’Azur/Nice, an exciting stay in Prague and the Oktoberfest in Munich. In London I held one workshop at the mobile NFC and the other day I was at the Royal Holloway College in London (see Picture). It really was amazing there. On the way home, there was a chaos in Heathrow (as usually) and in the end I missed my plane (long story) and thus met Pamela in Frankfurt on her way home.

As last year I was in Nice at the Smart-Event. There I gave several presentations on NFC and the Research Topics we are looking into at Hagenberg. Prague was the Location of the SIMagine Conference 2008, promoting the largest SmartCard Developers Competition in the world. After our success last year, I was invited to give a talk on the whole process of the competition and some hint on how participate in the contest. Last but not least I was in Munich on Monday, meeting lots of friends at the Oktoberfest. After not being there last year, I was glad that it didn’t change too much. You’re still allowed to smoke there ;-)

Drive with a smile

Friday, June 13th, 2008

On Friday I experienced a driver training at BMW in Munich. Our group was driving the current model of the BMW 330i. We had to master different challenges like emergency braking on wet ground and double lane change manoeuvres. I personally enjoyed the slalom pacoure best.

“O’zapft is” – Wies’n 2007

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Today (12:00 CET) the major of munich, Christian Ude, is going to disclose the Oktoberfest 2007, world’s largest folk festival. Question is: how many strokes will Ude need in order to open the first barrel of beer this year? 2006 after three strokes it was “o’zapft”.

Some facts: The event is taking place at the heart of Munich, the “Theresienwiese”. The 14 major breweries of Bavaria are going to sell 7 Mio. litres of beer to roughly 6. Mio. visitors. One Mass (1 letre of beer) is around EUR 7,90. The “Wies’n” will result in a revenue of about 1 billion (!) euros for Munich (+ area), with about 50 % spent on the Theresienwiese itself. By the way: all Mass-Krüge (Beer Glasses) are made in Austria and out of the 12.000 employees at the Wies’n more than 50 % are from Austria as well.

Some phrases for our foreign visitors:

  • * “Bring’ ma nuna mos” = “I’d like to have new beer”
  • * “Oane geht nu” = “I’m still thirsty, would you please bring me some beer?”
  • * “I mog a Wies’n hendl” = “I take the chicken deal”
  • * “Hoast mi?” =”Would you kindly repeate our order?”
  • * …

In case you don’t know what to do after the Wies’n (which is closing at 23:00), you could try one of the clubs at Ostbahnhof or Munich-Mitte (Karlsplatz). By the way : The “old” Michlbar is reopend during the Wies’n.

E-Smart @Sophie Antipolis

Friday, September 21st, 2007

After a great week in London last week, this week I participated in the E-Smart Conference/Smartcard University in Sophie Antipolis/French Riviera. SA (Sophie Antipolis) actually is the silicon valley of France, located about 20 kilometres way from the coast (the closest city/airport is Nice). In SA there are about 32.000 IT-Jobs, 1.300 Enterprises, 4 Hotels and NO supermarket, NO bar and NO leisure facilities. Taxis are quite expensive for having a ride to Nice (between 55 and 75 EUR). With public transport (which is not running at 100 % due to holidays) it takes you about 1 hour to get to the next town, Antipes, which is directly located at the sea. But don’t think about hanging out too long; the last bus is going back at 8.00 pm. Thus the only thing you could do in SA is work — and that’s what I tried.

At the conference I experienced again how small the world could be. I got to know several Austrians dealing with smartcards and payment, some colleagues I already met at different conferences and interesting people in the field of NFC. The conference itself was very nice, expect for the food (sorry, guys you still have to practice that).

My trip home actually was some kind of nightmare. On the bus to the airport I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of nowhere. I could convince the bus driver to drop me off at the next gas station where I tried to get a taxi (I was never that happy, that I could speak a little bit of French). After a delayed flight to Munich, the plane to Linz was overbooked and as I was already late, they didn’t take me to Linz that night – damm. Thus I had to stay in Munich (Lufthansa gave me a room at the Kempinski, which is among the most exclusives hotels I ever stayed at).

Well, when trying to check out, it appeared that my suitcase was lost – double damm. (My suitcase appeared during the night again.) At last and least I lost my passport at the airport after the check-in in the morning. (Fortunately the Bundesgrenzschutz found it.). In order to get the passport I do have to show up in Munich and pick it up in person (I do need my passport quite urgently as I’m going to Tokyo on Saturday next week). Did I already mention that the Oktoberfest is starting tomorrow? Well, looks like I do have to go to Munich this week to get me a beer and my passport again.

Sunloverz are moving …

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

My “some-kind-of-private” bar in munich, the milchbar, is moving and leaving “the east” of munich. Hence we had a “some-kind-of-intensiv” celebration on saturday night until sunday morning. Actually I’m expecting the club to move to Stachus where already Pacha and 089-Bar are located. I don’t know why milchbar is leaving the optimolwerke, because it was – as far as I remembar – always crowed. But I suppose it’s just for life-style-reason.

Who cares — as long as the party is the same and the new club is nice, I’m looking forward to a great opening soon. As milchbar also celebrates its 10 anniversery, there is a CD out now with some great stuff. I’m favourite at the moment is Sunluverz’ – Shine on.

The model and the freak or how ProSieben works …

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

For those who don’t know the TV-Show “Das Modell und der Freak” please have a look at the ProSieben-Webpage first, so you know what it is all about.

The story: The freak (a student at the TUM) told the crew that Rainer (a friend of mine) is his best friend. The “true” thing is that Rainer and “the freak” toke _one_ course together and haven’t meet for a year or so. The Show-Crew gave Rainer a call and told him that he should arrange a suprise party for “the freak” with all friends of “the freak”. Rainer was confused until he found out who “the freak” was and what there was going on. In the end there was a small get together at Rainer’s place with about 90 % of guests being Rainer’s current coworks from Siemens. The other 10 % were Austrians also working in Munich.

Driving a go-cart …

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

… is simply awesome. Mentors and mentees of the Capstone program met in Munich/Garching for a nice networking event at an open air go-cart racecourse. After a warm up and qualifying session we headed for a challenging race. (I still had the F1-GP in Monaco in my mind) I was amoung the 15 best drivers after the qualifying but unfortunatly I didn’t do too well during the official race. (I left the course twice and had two 360-turns after entering the baffle at a too high speed). But it was great fun anyway. After the cart race we headed down town for a nice dinner in a steak house and some caipys.Â