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The Simpsons – The movie.

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Actually I haven’t been at the movies for ages. But yesterday right after a wakeboard session we decided to head for the movies to watch “The Simpons“. I fancy these yellow people and their funny characters.

The movie itself was “okay” – not more not less. In my view the whole story could be told in 30 min and therefore from time to time I was bored. There were to many different strangs in this movie unlike in the series. I also think that the 3D animation rendered in comic-style didn’t fit the Simpons-Style. But in the end the movie is a must for each one adoring the tv series.

Berlin – Panam-Club

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

I spent a nice weekend in Berlin, meeting lots of friends. After my Berlin Trip in April I already knew most of the sights and therefore we concentrated on going out, like joining a party in the Panam Lounge in the city center. I wanted to discuess details for the talk at the CCC with Stephan but unfortunatly I won’t be able to attend the camp in mid august.

ICMB & Toronto

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

My talk went very well today. About 20 people joined the session the plenum was quite interested as there were lots of questions and some people that addressed to me after the talk.

Toronto itself is quite “boring” and like any other US-city (even it is in Canada). You find Starbucks or 2nd Cup around every second corner, the city has a nice skyline with the highest TV-tower in the world and the flair of the city doesn’t differ to much from a city like Bosten. At the moment it is extremely hot (35°C) and the humidity is very high (around 80 %). So it isn’t much fun walking around in the city or hanging out by the lake (which is very very very big ;-). I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed by Toronto, as I expected more what I would call “Canadian Style”, but I suppose it is a nice place to work and life. The area around is very green and the city itself is quite clean but it is not a must for a tourist to come here.

I am leaving Toronto this afternoon and I am really looking forward to coming home again.

ADD-ON: On my flight from Düsseldorf to Linz I had a very cute person sitting next to me: Hana Nitsche. She won the 3rd place at Heidi Klum’s Model Competition “Germany’s Next Top Modell”. That day she was heading for a fashion run at the Wolfgang See with all the other girls participating in the TV-Show.

Wedding Gaby & Florian + Toronto

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Finally the weeding of Gaby and Florian took place last weekend. It was a great show and I enjoyed it very much.


In the meantime I’m already in Toronto (CA) as I do have a talk at the ICMB 2007 related to a paper I wrote concerning the relation between NFC and SAT (Sim Application Toolkit). As a surprise there are quite a few other researchers, PhD’s and Professors from Austria and Germany participating in the conference workshops. I’m looking forward to getting new input to my research and my thesis.

But now I’m gonna take a nap — 4 hours of sleep and 6 hours of time shift are too much for today.

Last exam!!

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Today I wrote my last exam at university concerning my PhD studys in computer sciences. It went well and hence I’m looking forward to the result ;-) Well after two years of hard work and intensive study the basis of my PhD curriculium is done and now I can focus on my thesis. But before that I enjoy the summer — I hope you do too!