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What da hack …

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

… did I do in my holiday? After three weeks of hanging around doing nothing much I try to summarize what there has happened during this time:

  • I built some furniture (not from IKEA, I did it all myself) for my HiFi stuff and the TV set.
  • I spend 7 days at the jetlake (eh, looks like the water was quite bad, doesn’t it) turning my 200th round this season.
  • Skrivi’s 27th birthday party, Kathi’s “Pfiaty Goad”-Party (farewell party, as she is going to LA) and the Milchbar-Party were great fun.
  • My photo camera (Casio Exilim S600) broke hence there are no pictures to upload at the moment.
  • I thought (again) of buying a new TV but the ones featuring HD 1080i are still far to expensive; anyway I got myself a nice Yamaha DVD Player. Propably I should head for the IFA.
  • Some work for my thesis was done.

That’s it – this was my holiday. Of course there are several things I don’t remember at the moment. Some people might ask: “So why didn’t you fly away and spend or holiday abroad?” Well I’m planning to head for the United Arabic Emirates in Winter. When everybody is freezing in Europe I wonna spend some nice time at the Red Sea ;-)

Tokyo – Frankfurt – Hagenberg

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Yesterday the german broadcasting agency ARD/NDR did a reportage on NFC about our project and the trial in Hagenberg. The result can be seen on NDR on 8. September at 17.00 – so tune in.

 The pictures show our project head Josef Langer during an interview session. I also got the chance to participate and show the P2P terminals and Bluetooth pairing using NFC handsets.

Full Video

Sunloverz are moving …

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

My “some-kind-of-private” bar in munich, the milchbar, is moving and leaving “the east” of munich. Hence we had a “some-kind-of-intensiv” celebration on saturday night until sunday morning. Actually I’m expecting the club to move to Stachus where already Pacha and 089-Bar are located. I don’t know why milchbar is leaving the optimolwerke, because it was – as far as I remembar – always crowed. But I suppose it’s just for life-style-reason.

Who cares — as long as the party is the same and the new club is nice, I’m looking forward to a great opening soon. As milchbar also celebrates its 10 anniversery, there is a CD out now with some great stuff. I’m favourite at the moment is Sunluverz’ – Shine on.


Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

On Tuesday Alexander and his wife Andrea started with building their home for the future. On the first day there has already has happend a lot. The digger established the building pit and prepared the ground floor for the concrete plate being installed on Thursday.


Pia-Marie Edda

Friday, August 10th, 2007

My Cousin Ingrid and her husband Peter do have a daughter since 5th August 2007. Her name ist Pia-Marie Edda. She is 54 cm tall, has a weight of 3200 g and black hair. I wish them all the best for their future – good luck!

Felix Marx leaves NXP

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Felix Marx, former Marketing Manager at NXP Semiconductors (former Philips Semiconductors) is going to be the new CEO of SCM Microsystems. During our research project we got to know Felix Marx as the person being responsible for global marketing activities around NFC for NXP. Felix Marx also held a key note speech at our NFC Applications Conference in Hagenberg in March 2007.

Press Release of SCM

Embedded Systems Chill & Grill

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

The holiday season is starting and therefore the Embedded Systems Research is having their Chill & Grill BBQ at Hagenberg. Actually my holiday (3 weeks!!!) is starting on Monday and hopfully we are getting a sunny und hot August.


Wakeboarding roxx

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

As the weather is hot and sunny all week long I’m spending nearly every evening at the jetlake (Feldkirchner Badesee)Â with friends to hang out and improve my wakeboarding skills. I already finished my 80th round this season. Actually this is not much in comparison to Mike (about 2000 rounds this year) or Alex (670 rounds so far). I already know how to do jump-starts and 180s on the water or during a jump. Eh, wakeboarding is great fun! My cousin Gerhard got a new board recently (a Liquid Force) which I’m very keen on. Currently I’m planning to buy my own board and equipment at the beginn of the next season as it is quite some investment.

The model and the freak or how ProSieben works …

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

For those who don’t know the TV-Show “Das Modell und der Freak” please have a look at the ProSieben-Webpage first, so you know what it is all about.

The story: The freak (a student at the TUM) told the crew that Rainer (a friend of mine) is his best friend. The “true” thing is that Rainer and “the freak” toke _one_ course together and haven’t meet for a year or so. The Show-Crew gave Rainer a call and told him that he should arrange a suprise party for “the freak” with all friends of “the freak”. Rainer was confused until he found out who “the freak” was and what there was going on. In the end there was a small get together at Rainer’s place with about 90 % of guests being Rainer’s current coworks from Siemens. The other 10 % were Austrians also working in Munich.