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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Xmas is already over and we are already heading towards New Year. (My) time is currently flying at light speed. There were several things, worth writing in the last two month, but I didn’t take time to do so. I actually already thought about closing my blog … but this story it not gonna end that way. So we still have 2007 and I’m writing a post, mentioning some stuff briefly:

  • I actually moved to an appartment in Linz. This saves a lot of time for me in terms of getting to the office and back again (no more tarffic jams in the morning!).
  • I got three papers accepted in the last two month (at least one IEEE ;-) and I’m gonna head for Barcelona in March.
  • I’m currently playing a lot with LEGO (of course integrating RFID to make it more sophisticated)
  • We are again organizing a big conference on NFC in Februar (be there!)
  • My long-term friend Brandy celebrated his 30th brithday (eh, we are getting old, aren’t we?)
  • I had dinner with Boris Nemsic and serval other VIPs from european telecommunication companies (that one war pretty cool) including a nice NFC demo.
  • I found a very nice article on the web about domain hijacking:
  • We are in the second round of the SIMAGINE Contest (yeah!)

I think that’s all for the moment. In case I forgot something, just drop me a line.