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Indy 4 – Just another action movie …

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Yesterday I was at the movies watching the premier of the new Indianer Jones IV movie. Although reading the reviews of the journalists after the Premier in Cannes at the beginning of this week, I still was convinced that it would be a great, exiting movie – but I was disabused. The story of the movie itself was quite good (with the exception of the ending, which is too futuristic from my point of view), but lots of scenes are too lengthy and thus boring (e. g. the race thru the jungle.). There are several scenes which should be serious and frightening, but actually they caused me to laugh (ants, quicksand, the atom bomb in the beginning [+ fidge!]). And what the hack is this gopher doing all the time?!? Bwt: Indy’s son does not need to brush his hair all the time … com’n we don’t need that, that’s not Indy. Additionally there are some riddles like how to open the entrance to the golden city, which are solved simply to fast, so that the audience is bored.

The sum up: The movie is to long, though the story is good. Make is 30 min shorter, get rid of the fun-sciences and try to focus more on the riddle/archaeological part. The result would probably be more exciting. Indy get’s 4 out of 10 points.

Monaco, Jetlake Opening and …

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

MC was fine as usually, meeting Gerhard again and having some good wine at the terrace. Although Nokia sponsored my trip (including a limo from the airport to the venue!) I definitely have to take the helicopter from Nice to Monte Carlo the next time, as it is faster and of course more exciting.

Right after coming home on April 30th, there was the wakeboard opening at the JetLake, Feldkirchen. Weather wasn’t too good and the water very (!) cool. Thus I decided not to head for a ride that day. Actually the prices rose tremendously this year, thus I’m not sure if I wanna keep on actively wakeboarding. But let’s wait until summer.

Summer, that’s also the keyword for the next “event”. Cleaning the pool at my parents home. About 5 hours of hard work with a lot of “Essigreiniger” resulting in aching muscles but a cosy pool, just waiting for the first party to take place ;-)