This was MWC 2011

Great show, great people, great technology. MWC again was a very nice event with lot of new things to see. You can find a very comprehensive review at Heise.

I actually fancied all the Android activities which show that Google’s mobile phone platform is gaining more and more influence. And as Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is now supporting NFC as well, this will help the industry to move into contactless payment and ticketing using a mobile phone. Comprion – a German Test Tool Manufacturer — also showed a Nexus S with Single Wire Protocol (SWP) support. At the NTTDocomo booth an NFC-demo with the upcoming Galaxy S II and a Gemalto UICC was demonstrated. So I’m pretty sure we will see more Android NFC phones with card emulation very soon, as Samsung called NFC “the next business experience” on some banners. This trend is out pinned as well by G&D and NXP who announced a cooperation on the NFC/SEEK Stack for Android (just as expected).

At the app planet “WAC” was to most mentioned buzz-word. Although every handset manufacturer counts on its native platform, most of them (also Android) support WAC. From my personal experience, I only see WAC as a second J2ME, which never took off (will take off).

In the end, MWC 2011 was a big show for Android, Apps and a lot of talking about the Microsoft-Nokia cooperation agreement.