NFC Smartposter at Blackfriars (London, UK)

Mind the Gap! Right after exiting the tube at Blackfriars station I saw one of the new smartposter installed at the end of August 2007. I touched the target mark with my Nokia 6131NFC and — surpise: “Object Type Unknown”. At first I tought, that the NDEF format of the data stored in the tag (a 1K-Mifare Chip) was not properly formated. Thus I had a closer look at the tag with a Pegoda Reader (yes, in the subway station!). WellĂ‚ it finally came out, that there is NO (!) data on the tag. Hence anyone with a Nokia 6131NFC could store data on one of those smart posters.

Even when leaving London on Wednesday the situation hadn’t chanced. The project is driven by NXP Semiconductors, the Imperial College of London, KiZoom (a service provider for public transport information systems), the Department of Trade and Industry, Sun Microsystems and Transport of London.